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The design of our soaps is unique and no two bars are alike. The Botanics, creatives, scent, colourants and natural ingredients blend into a beautiful and luxurious bar of soap. Our custom blends of essential oils and botanicals have been customer favourites. 

Homemade Natural Soap
About Our Leather
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We pride ourselves in the selection of homemade bath and body care, candles, room sprays, and hand-poured soaps. We also have a great selection of gifts for everyone. Humourous tea towels, and jewellery, mugs, keychains, bookmarks and more. Keep coming back to our "Gifts" page as we will be bringing in new gifts all the time. 


Periwinkles, Petwicks, and Nature's Vine products are crafted in my woman cave at home. 

My craftsmanship comes from hourless research, classes, courses, and a lot of trial and error. Learning from the best and using the God-given talents that come naturally, I have found an exciting way to express myself.  In my "Gifts" section, I select top-notch high-quality merchandise that I believe my customers will love. Be secure knowing that you are purchasing or sending a great product. 

Pink Himalayan Salt
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