Peppermint Tea Light Candle


Fresh minty aroma!

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6-pack tea lights

Choose from 6 great scents that will add a beautiful glow and delightfully freshen any room.

All of our tea light candles are a naturally neutral colour of the ingredients used. They will range from a very light beige to a light-medium beige.

In some forward-moving companies, scents are used to improve productivity in the workplace. For one firm, this translates into a lemon scent in the morning; Bergamot and Neroli at midday to reduce stress, and the scent of peppermint in the afternoon as an energy refresher. Peppermint is commonly used at the Tokoyo Stock Exchange to maintain alertness.

Lemon – invigorating
Citrus Splash – refreshing & invigorating
Bergamot & Neroli – stress reliever
Peppermint – energy refresher
Amber & Cedarwood – for grounding
Lavender & Lilac -Relax and as a sleep aid at night time.



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