Gehwol Foot and Shoe Deodorant

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Use Gehwol Foot and Shoe Deodorant for the long-lasting elimination of strong foot odor. It contains a broad-spectrum efficiency against bacteria and fungi.


150 ml / 5.3 oz Gehwol Foot and Shoe spray deodorant is effective Protection against foot odor, for hygienic freshness.

For hygienic freshness

Gehwol Foot + Shoe Deodorant for daily foot care

Active Ingredients: Zinc Rizinoleate, Undecylenamide DEA Triclosan.

Size: 150 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For all skin types

Features & Benefits: Ideal for sport and on the go. Zinc Rizinoleate prevents and removes the sweat and odor on the feet and in the shoe. The pleasant scent provides confidence. Also spray into footwear. Dermatologically tested

Product Contains: Alcohol, zinc ricinoleate, undecylenamide DEA. (Not a complete list of ingredients)


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