Seahorse Ocean Blue


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Seahorse Ocean Blue

A truly unique and captivating, design to add a distinct and intriguing twist to the classic game of cribbage.

Each peg is a miniature work of art, carefully handcrafted to blend elements of elegance, glamour, and unique design. The body of the peg, which is made from durable metal, is adorned with a combination a creative topper. These decorative elements are meticulously arranged to create a stunning visual contrast between the soft iridescence of the pearl beads, glass, rhinestone, wood, metal, precious stones and the intrigue of the unique topper.

The use of different materials, textures, and shapes creates a tactile and sensory experience for players as they interact with these custom pegs during gameplay. Adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the cribbage board, making each game session feel like a captivating journey into a world where elegance meets the unconventional.



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